Why does Google Web Story traffic go down very quickly

Google web story on which many bloggers are working in the present time because very good results are seen in it very quickly.

But the traffic of Google Web Story goes down very quickly, so what is the reason that the traffic of Google Baby Story goes down very quickly, let us know about it in detail.

Google Web Story is a completely new product of Google, which Google itself promotes, due to which there is a lot of traffic on people’s websites, people often forget to put articles on their website in the process of making Google Web Story, because of this, Google thinks that People are not focusing much on the article but focusing more on the web store, due to which Google’s algorithm feels that the website is not working and I also down the traffic of Google web story because the most important part of the website Part Article Hota Google Web Story 2 is just for those people who come to get information in very less time.

So friends, if you also work on Google Web Story, then keep putting Delhi articles in your website, but the articles in your website should be more in number than the web story on Google, then the traffic of your website will never be down.

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