Whether there is an ad limit on taking traffic from social media platforms to the website

Friends, if you are a blogger, then this article is going to be very important for you because in this article we are going to talk about whether there is a problem with AD limit while taking traffic from social media platforms to the website.

You must have seen many videos on YouTube, in which it is told on YouTube that there was an ad limit in his Adsense because he was taking traffic from social media platforms to his website, so how much truth is there after that, today we will know better in this article. If you are, then do not forget to read this article completely for information.

So first of all let us know why ad limit is applied in Google Adsense, friends, if you have ever had an element in your Google Adsense, then you will know that Ad limit is due to invalid traffic or invalid clicks.

There is invalid traffic and traffic that comes to your blog and goes back immediately as if there is no interest in your block at all, but I am sent to your block by misleading in any way, in such a way that traffic is called invalid traffic.

And if you visit your website again and again, then the chances of getting admitted due to invalid traffic increase, if you click on the ads appearing on your website, then due to invalid clicks, you will get admitted in Google Adsense. greatly increases the likelihood of

So our next hat is that if we take traffic to our blog from social media platforms then will we get Admit in Google Adsense then it is not necessary that an Ad limit will be imposed in your Adsense if traffic taken by you block your article I am interested and he reads your article, then there is no possibility of applying AD limit.

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