Honda and Toyota are two of the most esteemed car manufacturers in the automobile industry 

Both these brands have cemented their legacy by producing some of 

the world's most reliable and cleverly engineered automobiles capable of lasting a lifetime.

With the dominance of these brands spread across all segments of the automobile industry 

the competition stemming between the two is a talking point amongst motoring journalists and enthusiasts the world over. 

The vast and varied product portfolios of the brands speak for themselves. 

The level of sophistication and engineering ingenuity possessed by the automobiles of these firms only seems to increase  

From sensible everyday hatchbacks and sedans to rugged SUVs 

Honda and Toyota have made a significant impact in the industry in their own right.  

Undoubtedly, the most popular segment in modern times is the 'Compact Crossover SUV' segment 

Honda's CR-V and Toyota's RAV4 are perhaps the most capable representations of their respective brands. 

The CR-V and RAV4 have been around since the late 1990s and have gracefully evolved over the years. 

The modern-day iterations of these quality SUVs ooze charisma, with their driveability and overall user-friendliness standing at an all-time high 

The 2022 versions of these durable SUVs possess an element of individuality, with the finesse and top-notch craftsmanship of their overall package making it a monumental task to determine a clear victor.