Among transmissions, sports cars are the most popular and popular vehicles in the automotive industry.

From the United States to Japan, we've seen manufacturers around the world try to build great sports cars.

But American sports cars have been around forever

we're spoiled for choice when it comes to owning an American racetrack monster

new or used. I have a house And for all Corvette enthusiasts, you can find someone who prefers

CTS-V shaped sleeper. But most gearheads today must have had

a Dodge Viper poster in the room they grew up in.

Viper is a two-seat sports car that lives up to its name.

It was first born in 1991 when Dodge wanted to build a true performance car.

As a result, the first group of Vipers did not have exterior door handles or even air conditioning.

Instead, Dodge focused most of his R&D on the big V10 engine that powers it.

But eventually I started getting a more refined version of the Viper with some comfort-focused features from the 1994-1995 models.