In 2020, Nissan made big news when it announced it would be discontinuing the Cummins Titan XD. 

Especially when a truck with a special diesel engine was launched in 2015, it surprised Nissan fans. I was wondering. 

As Jalopnik reported, his 2016 Titan XD was equipped with an optional Cummins 5.0-liter V8 turbocharged diesel engine capable of producing 310 horsepower and 555 lb-ft of torque.

Environmentalists would love this engine because Cummins was able to produce near-zero nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions 

Additionally, an advanced ceramic glow plug system allowed the truck to start lint-free in frosty weather.  

Given that there were other trucks on the market with better gas mileage and better traction than the Titan 

buyers didn't see value in this model. Another problem was that although the Titan was assembled in Canton, Mississippi, Nissan made some parts overseas 

As a result, potential buyers feared that they would have to pay higher costs for damaged or worn parts. 

Of course, considering applicable tariffs and high shipping costs.

In addition, Nissan does not advertise the Titan XD.

The branding strategy failed because there was no differentiation from the competition and Nissan was unable to convey

the selling point of this truck to the audience. In retrospect, an effective communication strategy  

would have focused on co-branding. By prioritizing its partnership with US engine maker Cummins 

Nissan could have benefited from Cummins' positive brand image.