This three-row SUV is being viewed by American consumers as a capable substitute for the Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

One of the best-selling cars made by the Korean carmaker

In fact, the editors of U.S. News Best Cars gave their prize for "The Best 3-Row SUV for the Money" to the biggest

Since its introduction in 2020, the Korean SUV has unquestionably had a great deal of success on the American market.

 In fact, it received the title of "World Car Of The Year" in 2020. 

Furthermore, Kia had a 25% gain in Telluride sales last year, and growth is mostly anticipated to continue through 2022.

The Telluride seems to provide what other 2022 SUVs in a comparable market can't.

In fact, interior quality and ambience are one area in which Kia has excelled.

For example, the roomy inside receives top marks for comfort, cutting-edge technology,

Additionally, the engine has shown to be typically dependable and has enough power.

Additionally, the unrivalled powertrain warranty that Kia delivers on all Kia cars has long been the company's best asset.

When you combine it with low ownership expenses, the Telluride is unquestionably the best combination available.