The GMC Canyon is a staple in GMC's lineup of small but tough and handy speedsters

They've always been a little better and more premium than their Chevrolet brethren that were shared at the bones

but usually with a few splashes of trim from this and Denali.

Regardless of which side of the fence they prefer, people love both twins, including the GMC Canyon

Things looked good for me. During its launch, the new generation truck was hailed as cooler, bigger

much more high-tech and more modern than ever before.

 However, according to a recent report from the GM Authority

wins that include GMC Canyon will be much more expensive than they used to be

The base price for the new Canyons decal is $38,095 including taxes and fees

about $11,000 more than last year's base price. Denalis has him ringing for $52,495

his AT4X at the top he's asking for a whopping $56,995.

Well, there are several reasons. Here's our take on why the 2023 GMC Canyon will be more expensive next year.