We are now accustomed to automakers converting traditionally gasoline-powered vehicles into battery-powered vehicles

Beyond hatchbacks and his SUVs, we've seen electric versions of muscle cars like Mustangs

luxury cars from Genesis and Rolls Royce, and even Aston his Martin and his BMW Grand Tourer.

As such, it wouldn't be the first time Viper has made a comeback with a battery pack of his.

Well, some would say that without the V10's iconic growl, the Viper wouldn't really be his Viper.

That's true, but there may be workarounds, such as synthetic engine sounds like the latest Tesla models

But one of the things that made the Viper so popular in the first place was its performance.

It used to be so powerful that it required an enormous amount of skill to drive. A bit like the TVR Cerbera.

Driving at high speed is one of the most dangerous cars.

Today's automobiles are blessed with advanced technology that reduces vehicle control loss due to lack of traction or instability.

At least I don't have to worry about potential crashes that often.

n addition, Dodge is already well on its way to producing the all-electric charger Daytona SRT.