Corvettes were as much a part of the American ideal as Lynyrd Skynyrd and McDonald's. 

With low-revving V8s, sports car ideals 

the affordability the average Schmo could afford 

all automobiles Every Corvette in the hearts of enthusiasts is 

a reminder to all fanatics that supercars can be purchased at an affordable price.  

While there's always been the feeling that 'Vette' is meant to be on the lower end of the financial spectrum 

we can't help but wonder what a special and valuable 'Vette' looks like. No. 

It didn't take long to dig through the archives until the 'ah-ha' moment came. 

As we stared at our car of choice 

the Jeremy Clarkson part of us began to grin from ear to ear 

Maybe this 'Vet' doesn't hit the six figures like the 2023 Z06 does 

doesn't have the horsepower or weirdness of the ZR1 but damn this is a very good Corvette is.