With the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross and Toyota RAV4, family conflict is at its height.

Japanese automakers account for a sizable portion of the industry and are well-known for their reasonably

In actuality, Toyota just outsold General Motors in terms of car sales, selling the most units.

Toyota is one of the most well-known automakers in the world because their cars are not only reasonably priced

safe, and dependable, but they also come equipped with powerful engines and a tonne of extras. 

The Corolla Cross and the 2022 RAV4 have made their impression on the market

In addition to becoming the all-time best-selling nameplate, the Corolla made its debut in the US in 1966

Toyota, a seasoned competitor in the automotive industry, has kept up with trends and offers a respectable

The Japanese company ultimately unveiled the Corolla Cross last year in an effort to stay up with consumer demand 

The RAV4, especially the "Prime," is Toyota's most significant vehicle and is now the best-selling model.

 However, making a decision between the two while purchasing is challenging.

Do not fret! We'll evaluate both SUVs side by side to see how they stack up.

Although Toyota hasn't formally disclosed the beginning prices for either of the SUV

 we anticipate that the Corolla Cross will start at $23,250 and the RAV4 will start at roughly $27,575.