Seven years after the Pontiac GTO and six years after the Ford Mustang, respectively

For many, the height of the automobile industry in terms of performance and aesthetics occurred in the 1960s

 In that period, the pony car segment saw the introduction of several iconic nameplates.

People at Dodge chose to rewrite the tale of the American pony in their own unique style following Ford's 

Beginning in the '70s, almost six years after the introduction of the Mustang, Dodge attracted the attention of auto aficionados

Even now, the 1970 Challenger is still one of the most well-liked muscle vehicles and may fetch astronomical prices at auction. 

However, the 1970 Dodge Challenger has long enjoyed widespread popularity. 

 In fact, sales for this model year were the highest ever for the vehicle.

Without further ado, let's explore the background of one of Dodge's most recognisable automobiles.

Dodge first unveiled the Challenger as a 1970 model in the fall of 1969. 

The third-generation Plymouth Barracuda's "E-body" architecture was shared with the Challenger

The Challenger was prepared to enter the racing scene right away and carry the brand's performance legacy.