The Tesla Cybertruck is the newest futuristic vehicle to hit American highways. 

The Cybertruck fills a lot of the gaps left by conventional vehicles, which excites a lot of people.

Many people are placing preorders for the Cybertruck, just like they do for other eagerly awaited Teslas.

Some people, however, are dubious about how many Cybertrucks have actually been ordered.

The Cybertruck is Tesla's first electric pickup truck that is reasonably priced 

The Cybertruck is neither the first electric truck in the world nor the first electric truck that is accessible

it can perform a tonne of tasks that conventional trucks are unable to.

For instance, the Cybertruck is a highly high-performance vehicle just like many Teslas.

 According to Tesla, the Cybertruck uses just one electric engine to go from 0 to 60 MPH in under 6.5 seconds.

It can do the task in under 2.9 seconds when using the three motor option.

 These have similar 0–60 acceleration as sports vehicles.

The Cybertruck will have bulletproof glass, as Tesla sought to show when it unveiled the vehicle.