Ram is famous for its powerful pickup trucks, even before it became a brand by itself.

Its trucks have long rivaled similar offerings from Ford and General Motors.

Now that it’s a distinct brand under Stellantis, Ram has been able to separate its workhorse character from the performance muscle of Dodge

Ram does offer some great products, and managed to shock and awe the automotive world when it unveiled the insane 1500 TRX.

The new truck that Ram named after a powerful predator long time ago catapulted the brand not only into news and social media, but also into the hearts of working gearheads.

But with Stellantis announcing a push into electrification, all of its brands are in for the ride.

Stellantis even released new taglines for each brand to highlight their approaches.

Ram’s tagline reads “Built to Serve a Sustainable Planet,” which carries a vow to electrify its entire lineup.

It didn’t take too long for Ram to take prompt action, as it now getting ready to reveal

the electric version of its 1500 pickup truck – the Ram 1500 Revolution. It maybe

a latecomer compared to Ford and GM’s offerings, but the Ram electric pickup truck is worth the wait.

Ram may be the king of high-performance conventionally powered pickup trucks, but it’s quite a newcomer when it comes to electric pickup trucks

Other brands managed to beat Ram in unveiling or launching an EV truck, which could mean diminished interest in the 1500 Revolution.

– the day it will unveil the 1500 Revolution BEV Concept.