The rankings are in, and the Toyota Tundra comes in last on the list of the top full-size pickup trucks for 2020.

 It appears to be losing ground to its rivals for a number of reasons. See why the 2020 Toyota Tundra is rated so poorly.

First of all, even though it is regarded as being less competent than other alternatives

The Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado both start at roughly $28,000, whereas it starts at around $33,000.

Its poor fuel efficiency contributed to its low ranking. It only achieves 13 city mpg and 18 highway mpg.

Wow, truck fuel efficiency is not as horrible as people think. Its rivals achieve over 30 mpg in the city

 if not more than 30 mpg. Fuel efficiency for the Toyota Tundra is ten years behind.

Additionally, the Toyota Tundra is less capable of hauling than its rivals.

The Tundra can pull up to 10,200 lb when fitted with the most potent engine and towing kit.

However, the Ford F-150 can haul over 11k lb.

Also, the Tundra receives criticism about having a stiff, rough ride. The Tundra is also ancient

 seems archaic because it hasn't undergone a complete makeover in 13 years.

When it comes to the inside, this is especially true. With bulky dials and low-quality plastic components,

The Toyota Tundra, although coming in last, could still be able to meet your expectations for a dependable vehicle.