Tesla has long been a pioneer in the automotive sector, developing electrified,

And Tesla, of course, wants a piece of the action as everyone works feverishly to create an electric truck that will change

Following the announcement of its new truck ambitions, Tesla is facing some very harsh criticism.

Tesla undoubtedly succeeded in changing and radicalising the pickup truck with its concept.

Many individuals are unhappy about how the Cybertruck rewrites the notion of what we consider to be a standard pickup. 

Although some people might not appreciate how Tesla has transformed the truck

 the people who loathe it the most are the manufacturers. Since Tesla is now after its truck revenues,

Tesla set out to entirely rethink the notion of what a truck should be and modernise it with cutting-edge concepts

Producing a vehicle alone does not guarantee success, which is why marketing is important.

After the introduction of the Cybertruck, Tesla is relying on its capacity to wow people in the same way that it has established 

its reputation by "doing its own thing." But not everything went according to plan during the event.

According to Fox Business, the Cybertruck's supposedly impenetrable windows were cracked as a demonstration