What's Better, A Dodge Challenger Or Charger? 

Ultimately, your choice of the Dodge Challenger over these cars depends on what you are going to be using the car for. 

When it comes to deciding between them both on budget, both the Dodge Challenger and ...

the Dodge Charger come with different pricing options, starting with a base model and moving up from there.

Generally, though, the two vehicles are priced similarly, with the Dodge Challenger starting at a little more than $30,000, 

while the Dodge Charger starts at a little over $31,000. 

In the base SXT RWD trim, those cars begin at just under $30k, and the Dodge Challengers sticker is just under $28k. 

While you cannot get a Demon anymore, it is the Challenger that offers the next best thing, and these cars are no different. 

For one, RP Productions notes the Dodge Challenger Hellcats seats are far more supportive and sporty than those of the Charger. 

The back seats of the Challenger are decidedly less spacious and harder to reach compared to those cars. 

Headroom is a little better in the Challenger, measuring 39.3 inches, as opposed to the 38.6 inches found in the Dodge Charger. 

In addition to the Dodge Chargers mentioned above, cars that have a turbocharger typically require premium fuel.