The Grand Sport, like other 4th-gen Corvettes, is powered by a 5.7L LT4 V8 and gets 30 more horsepower boost 

than the base-model C4 from the kind folks at GM, bringing the number of ponies to 330 

It might seem a little bland, but the C4-only spring weight put him over 3,200 pounds 

making it a lightweight sports car with a huge engine. Those three horsepower bundles 

allow the Vette to accelerate to 60 mph in his relatively quick 4.9 seconds. 

The Grand Sport is now in big dog territory and to add skins to the game you need to put something on the table.  

So GM has gone beyond the shiny new patriotic color scheme.  

Equipped with larger tires and special five-spoke wheels

the Grand Sport didn't quite live up to the hype of the outdated ZR-1 of the previous year

A baby boomer's dream come true when paired with a softshell drop top. Who wouldn't want a red, white and blue V8 at a 3pm matinee golf tournament?

Collectors will be amazed by the convertible, of which only 190 were ever built.  

If there is a C4 we would like to see, it has to be the Grand Sport.