Tesla is constantly updating the Cybertruck. It is now said to have completed the design for the space-like vehicle. 

Some elements of the electric Tesla vehicle stand out more than others among its numerous incarnations.

They've undergone a number of modifications, and the Cybertruck's latest debut at the Michigan Speedway revealed 

Inside EVs reported that when the Tesla Cybertruck attended a recent event at the Michigan Speedway,

it had been on display with its now-distinctive one enormous windscreen wiper.

While the Tesla Cybertruck lacked a windscreen wiper blade, several people remarked that it featured the one thing Cybertruck 

Many people love the concept of laser windscreen wipers, which has been floated about.

Every other pickup truck on the market cannot compare to the Tesla Cybertruck.

Its distinctive design, which includes a remarkably big windscreen, contributes to its originality. 

The Cybertruck's windscreen is so big that regular blades aren't nearly adequate.

According to Inside EVs, designing the windscreen wipers for the Tesla truck has proven to be one of Elon Musk

Musk wrote on Twitter, "The wiper is what bothers me most.