Over the years, the Dart name has been associated with affordability and reliability.

The Dart's original price in 1970 was $2,808, but who knows, the collector's value of this car has risen steadily.

1970 Dodge Dart Swingers fetch between $29,000 and $121,000 in perfect condition, between $20,900

$29,000 in good condition, between $13,750 and $20,900 in good condition

according to statistics based on 53 auction sales. Auctioned between $1,000 and $13,750 in fair condition.

These prices fall into his three categories.

The lowest is $1,000, the median is $20,900, and the highest is $121,000. The information is based on auctions worldwide and covers over 10 years.

The top selling price for the darts was $121,000, so it's clear that buyers recognize the value and are willing to pay a lot.

The appeal of the Dirt Swinger is that the insurance company classified it as a compact his car

lowering the premium.

The Swinger 340 was replaced the following year by Damon

essentially his duster from Plymouth.