We write extensively on the Toyota Tacoma's TRD, TRD Off-Road, Sport, and Limited models. 

They're entertaining trucks with lots of choices and good off-road performance.

The SR and SR5 models might be overlooked, yet they're excellent vehicles for work, recreation, and cost-cutting.

The SR5 was the top trim level on numerous Toyotas in the 1980s. When a truck had a five-speed manual transmission

it was considered a luxury. SR stood for Sport Rally, and SR5 was the Sport Rally Five Speed.

However, that was back when Toyota's compact pickup was simply known as the Toyota Pickup. 

What does a Tacoma's SR package entail? What makes SR and SR5 different from one another?

The Tacoma's lowest trim, the SR5, has a starting price of $27,150.

The SR may often be identified by the absence of any decals. 

It has a lot of amenities that weren't even thought of when the first Pickup was released, such a deck rail

The Toyota driving assistance system is called Safety Sense. Dual-zone air conditioning, which is an option on the SR

The starting MSRP of the SR5 is $28,940, and it takes an SR and just adds more choices. 

You have the option of ordering it in an access can or a double cab with a bed that is five or six feet long.

 However, the SR5 has a tilt steering wheel with leather upholstery, Bluetooth, keyless entry, a limited slip differential