It's widely known that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a very fast and powerful vehicle.

With that in mind, a recent video by the YouTube channel Drag Racing and Car Stuff shows just

how fast the Challenger Hellcat is against a series of GM vehicles including a Camaro, El Camino

GMC pickup truck. Despite being fast vehicles themselves

they're no match for the Hellcat which manages to pull off every win in the series of drag races.

Up first is a black Dodge Hellcat Challenger that goes up against a yellow, 6th-generation Chevy Camaro.

Once the race down the 1/4 mile begins, the Camaro manages to stay close behind the Challenger throughout much of the length of the race but never achieve

the feat of passing the fast Dodge. The Challenger takes the win against the Camaro at the end

a finish time of 10.86 seconds and a 128.22 mph top speed against the Camaro which finishes in 11.78 seconds with a 117.48 mph top speed.

Next up, the Hellcat Challenger goes against a Chevrolet El Camino.

The Hellcat does a burnout early on before lining up at the start.

Immediately after moving, the El Camino takes a quick lead but the Challenger catches up and passes it in little time.

Upon reclaiming the first place position, the Challenger wins the drag race with a 10.61 second finish time and 129

26 mph top speed against the El Camino's time of 11.60 seconds and 114.17 mph top speed.