Watch Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Do Tank Turn

Rivian has filed trademarks for the so-called “Tank Turn.” It refers to the capability of its electric vehicles to execute zero-radius turns. 

After receiving investments totaling over $1.3 billion, things at Rivian Automotive recently become more fascinating. 

Rivian has unveiled a new teaser film showcasing one of the distinctive abilities of its R1T pickup truck, 

the so-called tank turn, either as a result of this significant sum of money or the approaching holidays.

Spinning Around In Place In reality, Rivian has applied for trademark protection for the so-called "Tank Turn." 

It alludes to how easily zero-radius turns can be made by its electric cars. 

This implies that Rivian's EVs should be able to rotate around in position, which is a capability of tanks like the M1 Abrams. 

Rivian obviously understands what it is doing, yet it is cool and difficult to trust.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, Rivian revealed that its R1T electric pickup truck will be powered by four powerful electric motors, not just one or two. 

With one electric motor per wheel, a separate all-wheel drive system is possible. 

This quadruple-motor setup should make it feasible to spin in situ, or rather, turn a tank.

To See Is To Believe Making a statement is one thing, but carrying it through is quite another. 

Rivian, however, wasn't bluffing; in fact, the EV manufacturer published a 34-second video to YouTube demonstrating the R1T electric pickup truck's ability to do a tank turn.