Unknown circumstances may have led to this, but what looks to be Tesla

You can see everything in the panoramic and close-up images since nothing was overlooked.

Take particular attention of the contentious windscreen wiper that is causing a stir.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously voiced concerns about the wiper

 He advised keeping the wiper in the frunk so it could be taken out and connected as necessary. 

We're getting off topic, but what Tesla has sounds like a far better option than trudging outside in the rain or snow.

A post on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum contained a link to this video. 

The prototype is generally smaller than what we saw in 2019 and what Musk

It could simply be an illusion, but that's how it appears.

There are no door knobs either. A keycard or even your phone can be used to unlock the door

depending on what the person in charge of the camera says.

Similar to how many credit cards and ApplePay now pick up signals, a sensor would be hidden in the door