Three Mustang GTs defeat a Tesla Plaid at the drag strip, demonstrating that there is still some hope for internal combustion

If you only compare the data for each vehicle, a Ford Mustang GT should have little trouble losing a drag race to a Tesla Model S Plaid.

However, there are several videos online featuring drag races between these two automobiles

That is possible because the outcome of a drag race can be influenced by a variety of factors in addition to horsepower

For instance, a car's performance may be significantly impacted by the driver.

In light of this, the YouTube channel of Drag Racing and Car Stuff features a film in which two separate Tesla Model S 

The outcomes of these races demonstrate how various drivers operating various models of the same automobile

The first rival of the Tesla Model S Plaid is a Ford Mustang GT from the sixth generation. 

With 1,050 lb-ft of torque being distributed to all four wheels, the Tesla ought to accelerate more quickly. 

The Mustang GT sprints off the starting line like a cheetah and quickly establishes a lead that it keeps for the duration

With a speed of 135 mph, Ford's pony car completes the race in 9.30 seconds. 

The Tesla, with a time of 9.44 seconds and a speed of 140.68 mph, comes in second.

Later that evening, the Tesla Plaid has the chance to make amends by competing against a second Ford Mustang GT 

This time, the Tesla gets off to a stronger start, allowing it to keep pace with the Ford for the first half of the race.