One of the most recognisable American muscle cars is without a doubt the Corvette

It's tremendously entertaining, reasonably inexpensive when compared to other premium sports vehicles

Investigate the Chevy Corvette's past to see how it became the monster it is today.

Muscle cars made their debut in the 1950s, spurred on by the compact sports cars imported from Europe. 

"Project Opel" and the Corvette Corvair concept offered the first glimpses of the Corvette. 

 It was one of the few concepts that was produced at the time.

The original Corvette was a two-seat roadster with a fibreglass body and a 150 horsepower (not bad for the day) 

In 1955, the first V8 engine with 195 horsepower and a three-speed manual transmission became a reality.

 Chevy achieved 200 horsepower in 1956; by 1957, the V8 had reached 285 horsepower.

The first significant makeover in Corvette history occurred with the 1963 Sting Ray model. 

 It had clever flip-up headlamps and a rear window that was divided by a narrow extension of the roofline. 

The first Corvette Z06 with a 360-horsepower V8 and a four-speed manual transmission was also introduced during this time

Because no one could see out of the famous split back window and others worried that it would be harmful

 people still desire them. One of the best collectable versions is the Corvette with split windows.