There are many rumours and strong suspicion that an electric Toyota Tacoma is on the horizon. 

At the latest, the 2024 model year will see the introduction of the midsize Toyota's next generation

One of the major questions surrounding the 2017 Tacoma is whether or not an electric version of this Toyota truck 

Although no details or evidence have been provided, Car and Driver claims that a Tacoma Electric may

Toyota may follow suit or utilise the same chassis while integrating the electric underpinnings into the gasoline-powered design.

The Prius' popularity led to hybrid powertrains being added to several Toyota and Lexus cars, but not the Tacoma yet. 

 The future Toyota Sequoia 2023 includes a hybrid drivetrain, as does the present Tundra platform.

Nevertheless, it's unclear if the next Toyota Tacoma midsize truck will include a hybrid drivetrain

According to Gear Patrol, a Toyota source believes that this new generation of trucks will be powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder

 If this were the case, the new Tacoma would have a smaller engine and greater power than the outgoing model.

By 2025, every vehicle will offer an electric variant, according to Toyota. 

. This establishes a deadline for the Tacoma's arrival, at the very least in a hybrid form.

Could Toyota forego PHEV and hybrid versions in favour of an electric Tacoma? Undoubtedly, it is feasible.

Some third-generation Toyota Tacoma owners (2016 and above) have reportedly complained to Consumer Report

We anticipate an electric vehicle to be a real Tacoma, whether it is the first major manufacturer to launch a midsize EV truck