Toyota executives have conceded wait times for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Australia's most popular SUV and top-selling petrol-electric car

are now so long customers at the back of the queue could be rewarded by being among the first to take delivery of the next all-new model.

Wait times for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid remain between 18 months

two years for the most popular variants, though some customers have reported taking delivery six to

12 months from placing an order after buyers in the waiting list ahead of them pulled out of the deal.

Toyota Australia says it is still working overtime to meet the unprecedented demand for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

Despite boosting production, Toyota is still struggling to keep up with demand for one of Australia's most fuel-efficient family SUVs.

Mr Hanley said while Toyota Australia strived to be upfront with customers about the delays

the potential for changes to prices and the fitment of additional equipment

there were unprecedented variables such as parts shortages, production slowdowns and shipping bottlenecks that have made it impossible to provide accurate vehicle arrival timing.

These are unprecedented times and we of course would love to see these wait times come down," said Mr Hanley.

However, we understand that your situation may change, so we will not hold you back even if you wish to close down.

You are no longer entitled to a full refund of your security deposit