An electric pickup truck and a V8 truck were recently put to the test to determine which could go the longest on one charge

They recently received the keys to their brand-new Ford F-150 Lightning

 Since then, the truck has been put through a number of demanding testing in comparison to its gas-powered

The lads are doing the tried-and-true camper on one fill-up test in their most recent episode.

The game's objective is uncomplicated. Two trucks are connected to two identical trailers.

 Whoever travels farthest wins. This time, though, one of the cars is all electric.

Without testing like these, consumers could never know whether Ford is telling the truth when it says the F-150 Lightning

The GMC Sierra Denali, which has a V8 engine, is the electrified F-150's rival. 

The lads assume that the Sierra would run out of fuel first, so they start the film with high hopes for the F-150.

With the exception of topping up the petrol, the GMC Sierra Denali doesn't actually require any preparation

Before even starting to top off the battery charge, the charging station is the first problem.

Unfortunately, the charging station and the majority of charging stations have a pull-in design, which means that unless the driver parks the trailer