Two heavily modified automobiles go head-to-head in an incredibly close quarter-mile drag race.

One of the most pure types of motorsport is drag racing. 

 If the two cars have extensive modifications, it may even be more thrilling. We have just that at hand. 

This video, which was captured at the TX2K22 event, shows a Dodge Demon competing against a turbocharged Cadillac CTS-V down

The negative aspect of this movie is that, despite the two vehicles being pretty obviously modified

 we regrettably don't learn anything about their performance characteristics.

The Demon is the vehicle that is furthest away from the camera and has the Baily's Hyperformance insignia on the side

whilst the Cadillac is the car that is closest to the camera and is black with exposed carbon doors and red wheels.

Before they line up to begin the race, the two cars complete their burnouts to warm the tyres.

Before the lights turn green, the Cadillac begins to nudge forward as the two vehicles crank their engines to accelerate.

The CTS-V is the vehicle that out-launches the competition, but it appears that the Demon will be able to reel it in at the finish.

 And yes, it does get dangerously near. The Demon beats the CTS-V to the finish line in 8.153 seconds

The Dodge is therefore able to catch up despite getting off to a poorer start.

The Cadillac's advantage appeared to be entirely due to the way it took off. Which only serves to emphasise