With four electric motors installed, the Rivian R1T offers a lightning-fast acceleration in 2022.

Rivian made a splash in the electric vehicle (EV) market despite changing names many times following its 2009 founding 

They had a financial influx in 2015 and started to concentrate on extending their hybrid

electric vehicle (EV) efforts with research centres and autonomous goods.

The Rivian R1t, which was unveiled in May 2018 under the working name "A1T," has emerged as the brand's flagship.

The compact off-road-ready pickup won the "Best Truck" award at the ZEVA (Zero Emission Vehicle Awards)

Innovation and history are expertly balanced in the 2022 Rivian R1T. By omitting the typical pickup grille

adding light bars in the front and back of the truck, the pickup incorporates current technology into its design while

Additionally, Rivian was the first business to commercialise the idea of having a separate engine for each wheel

Each wheel is individually adjusted by the quad-motor all-wheel drive to retain the greatest

Torque vectoring's enablement also enables great on- and off-road performance.

A total of 835 horsepower and 908 ft lbs of torque are available thanks to a motor driving the front axle that has 415 hp