A few vehicles on the market have a reputation for being dangerous.

There is the Lexus LFA, and the early model of the NSX has a good reputation

However, one of his most famous dangerous cars comes from Dodge.

Enter the legendary Dodge Viper. Always a beast on the road

the original Dodge Viper is often referred to as one of the most intimidating cars ever produced

People also love this car because it is considered one of Dodge's most breathtaking vehicles.

But most would agree that the 1992 Dodge Viper was incredibly powerful.

The design team first tested this car as a prototype in 1989.

The vehicle was then used as a pace car for the Indy 500 and he was eventually released in the 1992 model year

Given the history of the vehicle in the Indianapolis 500

the Dodge Viper was never designed just to be fast. Instead, it was designed to be the fastest, most extreme car Dodge has ever created

For many car enthusiasts, the Viper put Dodge on the map and made people take it seriously as a sports car manufacture

But the Viper remains a desirable vehicle, partly because of the dodgy reputation of early models, especially the original

After all, people love the thrill, even if they don't feel like pushing a car like his 1992 Dodge Viper to the limit.