In the world of engines, there are things that have a very specific purpose 

For example, when we think of drag racing, we often see Mustang's Coyote V8 engine  

Chevrolet's Camaro or Corvette's LS engine under the hood 

LS and Toyota 2JZ engines are also used for drifting 

But as our friend from our sister site Top Speed said, the world of drifting also has his third option 

This is of course a Wankel engine. 

Especially the Mazda Wankel engine. 

Some of the finest engines ever built by any car company in the world. In fact, in the world of drifting 

the Wankel engine is considered an almost ideal powertrain.  

But what we love about Drift is that sometimes cars around the world have engines we don't expect. 

Also featured on his YouTube channel for Fast Car, like this epic Chevrolet Corvette C6.  

Top Speed ​​wrote about how epic this car is and how the new rotary engine makes it an incredible drift monster.