Currently, Tesla is without a doubt the market leader for electric vehicles, but rivals are quickly catching up.

Electric vehicles are gaining ground despite debates and consumer problems. 

It seems that problems with Tesla's autopilot, vehicle fires, President Biden's forced push for EVs

even the debate about how "green" lithium-ion batteries are don't deter people from purchasing EVs. 

Contrarily, it appears that even consumers who don't care about sustainability or global warming are eager to give EVs a try.

Despite his "full out scepticism" of global warming, The Mercury News claims that even Senator Ted Cruz is contemplating 

Republicans are currently learning how much they enjoy driving Tesla vehicles.

According to a Morning Consult study from January of last year, around 22% of Democrats and 17% of Republicans were contemplating

 Only 14% of Republicans said they would consider supporting Tesla in December.

Right now, Tesla is without a doubt the market leader, far outpacing its competitors. 

According to a research by the Electric Vehicle Council, the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y accounted

This does not, however, imply that Tesla can rest on its laurels since certain rival models and cars are already gaining popularity

 For all EV enthusiasts, this is the reason why Tesla's share of the EV market is declining.

According to Statista statistics, the U.S. vehicle industry was still dominated by light trucks in August 2022 with an estimated 887,900