The Dodge Dart Demon has left a lasting impression, and for good reasons too.

One of the most contentious vehicles in American automotive history is the Dodge Dart. 

It may be a forgettable full-size automobile from the 1960s or '70s, or it may be a 2010s revival that didn't work.

Regardless, not everyone finds the Dodge Dart to be admirable. Dodge eventually unveiled the Dodge Dart Demon, however.

A powerful variation of the standard Dart is the Dodge Dart Demon. 

 The Dodge Dart Demon made its debut in the early 1970s and was produced until a few years

 It also had a design that was typical of the legendary muscle car period. 

The Dodge Dart Demon never attained the same legendary reputation as other cars of the era, such as the Chevelle 

The Dart moniker conjured images of a car that, in the eyes of many, was too dull to ever be hip.

The Dodge Dart Demon is a really great ride, despite its lack of notable success on the market. 

 It's a vehicle that gearheads should take into consideration due to the performance enhancements and aggressive style

 Even now, the Dodge Dart Demon may not be as well-known as its rivals, but it is still a wise purchase.