Surprisingly, the Civic Type-R Mugen went on sale barely three months after its concept car was introduced.

Honda created that test car to assess how people would react to a Mugen-modified Civic Type R.

It was created when engineers at Mugen Europe, situated in the UK, took notice of the feedback and improved

the car at their Northampton headquarters. The company's initial road vehicle was this one.

The factory-supported tuners tried their best to create the limited-edition Honda Civic Type R Mugen 200 

This was done in recognition of their racing accomplishments in the 2010 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). 

Up the track, this vehicle faced off against rivals like the Ford Focus RS and Renault Mégane R26R.

A new air intake system, stainless steel exhaust, cams, and pistons are added to the engine.

The Type R's max output was raised by Mugen by 39 horsepower to 237 horsepower and by 15 lb-ft to 157 lb-ft.

Mugen updated the vehicle and also used the LSD, brakes, springs, dampers, wheels, and tyres from the Championship White.

The Mugen Civic Type-R is arguably the most exhilarating hot hatchback ever created. 

 Leave the crazy body package, the exposed exhaust pipes, and the bulky slab of auxiliary gauges behind