This collection of NASCAR-bred, wing-equipped muscle vehicles has never previously existed!

Two legendary muscle car drivers emerged from the abyss of failure back when stock car racing in NASCAR

Ford's dominance was felt by the Chrysler Corporation, which participated in the most well-liked racing

 With its sharp front end and sizable wing, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona revolutionised all of that.

Following the Roadrunner was the Plymouth Superbird.

Between the two vehicles, Chrysler won more than half of the races during the season.

 If NASCAR's regulations hadn't been altered to give aero cars an engine disadvantage,

Before the Plymouth Superbird, which cost little over 1,900, 503 Dodge Daytonas were produced and sold.

These vehicles aren't exceptionally rare because of it, but they are highly sought-after because

They're extremely impressive to see in person, especially given that the majority of them are often barn discoveries.

You may witness restored everyday drives, concours-level restored garage queens

even unrestored barn treasures in this video from DezzysSpeedShop on YouTube.

It's conceivably the biggest gathering of Plymouth Superbirds and Dodge Charger Daytonas in recent memory.

This one is for you if you have a penchant for muscle vehicles with wings.