It might be challenging to recognise your finest selections if you're looking for a used truck that is inexpensive. 

The most important thing is reliability, but how can you determine which one is worth the money? 

 But one model year stands out among all the secondhand Tacomas you could buy.

It is obvious that you should steer clear of the 2007 Tacoma after Car Complaints analysed all of the documented issues 

 The 2015 Tacoma is the most popular Tacoma, despite the fact that the 2014 model receives less complaints.

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma had minimal complaints and has low issue scores for the majority of areas, 

 The brakes are the area of the model year where issues are most frequently reported, 

Even Consumer Reports awards the 2015 Toyota Tacoma a five-out-of-five dependability rating

 Given the Tacoma's pricing, even the owner satisfaction rating is mediocre yet competitive. 

The 2015 Tacoma receives a four out of five on the road test for its acceleration and gearbox quality.

Consumer Reports deems the Tacoma's only serious problems to be its braking and handling

which is similar to what Car Complaints found. But you need dependability when it comes to secondhand trucks.

The final second-generation Tacoma to roll off the assembly line was the 2015 model. 

Some third-generation Toyota Tacoma owners (2016 and above) have reportedly complained to Consumer Report

According to Consumer Reports, the Tacoma pickup truck has always been a dependable but demanding workhorse.