The hatchback model of the modern Honda Civic has four doors, if you look at the lineup

 Since numerous automakers have previously introduced four-door hatchbacks, it is nothing revolutionary. 

the sixth-generation Civic's body design options in 1999 were only available as a coupe, sedan, or two-door hatchback.

This Civic generation has had many modifications throughout the years thanks to several Honda enthusiasts.

one hobbyist by the name of Jose went one better by converting his 1999 Honda Civic into a four-door hatchback.

Jose's 1999 Honda Civic was never intended to be a hatchback. Jose's Civic was originally a sedan

according to a video interview he gave to Automotive Anatomy, a YouTube site that covers numerous Honda fans' vehicles

In the interview, Jose claimed that measuring everything to see whether it was feasible took six months.

It'd previously been done by others. Therefore, I thought, "That's fantastic, it can be done! I agree, let's go for it!

Jose immediately started to work, purchasing the greatest welder and equipment he could locate to complete the task.

Jose made other changes to his automobile in addition to turning it into a hatchback. 

The Civic's yellow and blue paint job was inspired by the Japanese vehicles manufactured by Spoon Sports