Every car manufacturer is at the very least exploring electric vehicles. And many are producing

electric vehicles too, with plenty more now on the market than there were a few years ago.

One way we can speculate how an electric version of a car might look like is by having a digital render of it crafted.

The highly talented a.c.g_design has taken the Chevrolet Camaro, and come up with this incredible EV Camaro for the 2023 model year.

The first thing our eyes are quickly drawn to is the front-end of the Camaro.

Gone is the traditional grille at the front of the muscle car.

Instead, we now have a much slimmer grille area, really trimmed out with the bodywork below brought upwards.

The Chevrolet badge in the center is also now much smaller than on the original Camaro.

Plus, the headlights are new too. What we’ve got is a light bar stretching across the front of the car, similar to what we see on a lot of electric cars.

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The changes don’t just stop at the front of the car, either.

The wheel design is totally changed, with more spokes than as standard and a brighter, silver design

This is more in-keeping with the rest of the electric Camaro, while the standard muscle car has dark, black wheels that help the car blend in.

Moving back to the front briefly, the air dam below the grille is now bigger than it is on the standard car.