Dodge's Hellcat muscle car line is one of the fastest and most powerful petrol cars 

cars in the world, offering a ton of horsepower.

However, most enthusiasts know that car manufacturers' ratings don't always reflect reality.

With this in mind, Mike Fernie of the DRIVETRIBE YouTube channel tests whether his Dodge's

aggressive horsepower numbers in the Charger Hellcat sedan are telling the truth.

o answer the question of whether the Hellcat actually exceeds his 700 horsepower

 he takes his blue Hellcat to his test bench and tests the values.

After service is complete and a clean dashboard with no warning lights

 Mike goes to his Dream Automotive to test his dynamo and see how the Hellcat performs

The first target is 717 hp based on the rating. Their guess is that Hellcat is a bit below that, maybe he's in the high 600s.

They comment that his BMW M5 on the dyno with mods performs similarly to the stock Hellcat. Bottom line, Dodge may not have exaggerated its horsepower numbers

they may have underestimated them. Mike considers this experiment a success and leaves the Hellcat in his Automotive Dream.