Dodge's Hellcat lineup of muscle cars are among the fastest

most powerful gas-powered cars in the world with massive horsepower ratings.

Most enthusiasts know car manufacturer ratings do not always match reality though.

With that in mind, Mike Fernie from the YouTube channel DRIVETRIBE tests out whether

Dodge is telling the truth with the aggressive horsepower ratings for the Charger Hellcat sedan

To answer the question of if the Hellcat actually creates over 700 horsepower

he takes his blue Hellcat to the dyno to put the ratings to the test.

Before heading to the dyno, Mike takes a stop at Unity Automotive

one of the only places in the United Kingdom where you can get a Dodge Charger Hellcat officially serviced

The goal is to take it for a light mechanical refresh before the dyno test to ensure that everything on the car is fully functional.

While there, they examine the Hellcat inside and out as well as a look underneath.

Their review of the car illustrates the powerful specs the Hellcat possesses and why the power and sounds the car emits are so insane.

One of the other things they take a look at is the shared components from Mercedes

Benz as the Charger came to life during the DaimlerChrysler days when Dodge and Mercedes-Benz aligned in business together.