This Could Be An Excellent Design Choice For The Upcoming R36 Nissan GT-R

Despite being in production for more than ten years,

 the current R35 Nissan GT-R is still a formidable competitor in the JDM sports car market

Nissan has done an excellent job of keeping the car fresh despite an extended life 

which is a major deal. There aren't many tuning businesses out 

cycle with just enough modifications to modernise a strong formula of speed, power, and performance

, similar to how Dodge did with the Charger

 While the 2023 GT-R continues to thrill enthusiast

many naturally wonder what the legendary Nissan two-R36 door's version would look 

like and how it could vary from the present version of the vehicle. 

 On their YouTube channel, 

 designer hycade provides a depiction

 of one potential design for the next GT-R.

While the 2023 GT-R continues to thrill enthusiasts,