E.C.D's Jaguar E-Type take an incredible leap into luxury with 2,200 hours of labour, a powertrain from Tesla

ECD Automotive Design, a well-known Defender and Range Rover customisation firm with its headquarters in Kissimmee

This firm has set its sights on the ageless classic, the Jaguar E-Type, more often known as the Jaguar XK-E among Americans

Due to the 2,200 hours required to manufacture each customised E-Type, this resto-mod E-Type is not your typical Jaguar.

It has a crazy $299,995 beginning price, and it keeps going up if you show off your inventiveness with this vintage

 To begin with, this E-Type is available with four different powertrain options: three ICE-powered trims and one trim with a Tesla-sourced motor.

There are several exterior and leather colour variations available, and the classic designs of the outside 

Additionally, ECD added some extra tech features, better suspension, and stronger brakes to this stunning vehicle.

What makes this E-Type unique, though, is that it is an all-electric convertible, a market that is dominated by the Wiesmann 

The Jaguar E-Type, once regarded as the most beautiful automobile ever created by Enzo Ferrari himself

Celebrities frequently drove the E-Type because to its flawless balancing act of power, style, and luxury.

The E-Type was the pinnacle of style in the 1970s, favoured by everyone from Sir Elton John and John Frank

The iconic 1961–1964 Jaguar E-Type with an electric drivetrain has been painstakingly recreated by ECD Automotive

giving it a fresh life to glide comfortably into the future while maintaining its timeless flavour.