2023 will be the last year for many enthusiast vehicles as the onslaught of hybridisation and electrification arrives.

As global and automotive markets demand the next iteration of performance and technology

some brands are trying to stay in the past for as long as possible, with hybridisation being the only option for some popular models, including the Chevrolet Camaro.

It may be the salvation of  Companies like Ford continue to produce all-gasoline Mustangs

including the upcoming Mustang with a V8 manual transmission and a lifespan of at least eight years

but the likes of the Camaro, Charger and Challenger Pony and muscle car rivals are on the rise.

uncertain future. Dodge has already hinted at futuristic muscle car ideas with its SRT Banshee electric car,

but what about Chevy's take? Perhaps hybridizing will save the beloved Camaro.

Our sister site HotCars recently developed a rendering of what the future Camaro might look like

It has a huge bonnet, side exhausts and an aggressive aero kit. Externally

the rendering looks aggressive enough.

With a massive bonnet, a functional front grille for ventilation and brake cooling, and multiple splitters to improve traction, the Camaro looks ready to take on the Mustang's dark horse on any circuit.

The rear is similar to the current generation, with the basket beak currently used in the 1LE package for improved downforce

Harnessing Chevrolet power under the hood, the Fisker Karma hybrid sedan uses a side exhaust.