The muscle vehicle, which is up for auction with Mecum Auctions, has only 61 kilometres

 the odometer and comes with its original Dodge box, making it a true collector's piece.

A great muscle automobile is the Dodge Challenger. Moreover, not simply in its original form.

The current model is a contemporary classic, and the SRT Demon's amazing power and performance enable

They are incredibly sought-after when one is put up for auction. With only 61 miles on it and its original Demon box

this 2018 SRT Demon from Mecum Auctions will undoubtedly be as well.

The fact that this automobile has so minimal miles on the odometer is perhaps its best feature. 

This automobile, which is now four years old, only has 61 miles recorded on the odometer.

If it maintains that low mileage, it practically becomes a brand-new automobile and a true collector's item.

The Dodge Demon crate package that is included with the vehicle is the other incredible feature. 

This is a box that contains a tonne of extras and bonuses for the buyer

including all the equipment needed to convert your daily driver into a drag racing monster.