Automakers that have been around for decades always have their fair share on display

Every brand in the industry has experienced both hits and failures

but some cars have become iconic and even achieved legendary status.

. For us, it's not enough to own one brand's iconic cars, now comes a special edition

Automakers often release special editions of existing cars to celebrate milestones or victories

They sell out within minutes of opening the book.

a giant in the industry and an integral part of American automotive history, is one such automaker

Over the years, Dodge has released some incredible special editions of its most iconic cars

His one of those cars is the Viper.

The Dodge Viper is one of the most successful cars to come

out of Detroit in terms of winning races and one of

the world famous cars that spawned several special editions is his 2010 Dodge Viper Voodoo Edition

Released towards the end of his last Viper generation

here's everything you need to know about the Special Edition Viper Voodoo.