The makers of Dodge didn’t just start making Dodge cars.

In fact, the Dodge brothers started out with bicycles. Funnily enough, they didn’t move on to making motorcycles

instead, they switched to stoves. Finally, by 1910, they were making car parts in their machine shop.

Obviously, since making a full car is so much cooler than making axles and transmissions

the brothers announced their soon-to-be-car in 1914, and, by 1916, this was a reality.

Such was their reputation that over 22,000 dealers submitted applications to sell Dodge cars

even before the first car had rolled out… interesting, right? So, here are 10 more things about Dodge’s coolest car, the Challenger

When it comes to pony cars, as was the Challenger’s first packing, The Dodge Challenger wasn’t early on the scene.

To date, these five years of the Dodge Challenger remain much in demand.

the color schemes like Plum Crazy and HEMI Orange were all about performance, with those classic bumblebee stripes making it look absolutely stunning on the road.

Really, it may be easier to start listing movies that didn’t have a Challenger in them because this was one good-looking car.

By 1974, the whole ballgame had changed and Hemis were on their way out.