Tesla is under 20 years old, but it already has a cult following, creating a palpable mystique around the brand

People think Tesla's Automotive is groundbreaking because they are.

A big part of Tesla's advantage is that its vehicles are designed

engineered, engineered from the ground up and are electric.

This eliminates the unfavorable design, technology and engineering compromises

automakers trying to electrify a platform that was never intended for electrification in the first place.

Tesla isn't cheap, but I'm proud to own one

When you look at a Tesla, including the Tesla Model Y, you don't realize what it is until you drive it.

This SUV embodies Tesla's core principles that have made the company so appealing.

That means it's fast, has a long range, offers the best charging network available today

all the cars you know, they're still buggies. The Model Y is impressive on its own, but it's not the perfect electric SUV for everyone

f you want a comfortable, plush ride with uncomplicated physical controls, we recommend looking elsewhere.