At this point, there's hardly a need for an introduction to the iX

As simple as this name may be, it immediately connects you to BMW's flagship SUV. Why?

Well, it's because the brand stepped up its EV game with this luxurious ride and caused quite some exciting aesthetic-related controversy.

The iX arrived as the first all-electric SUV in the entire BMW offerings, following the Vision iNext concept we've gotten a chance to see in 2018.

Since the big announcement, we just knew this vehicle would be a special snowflake, and BMW didn't disappoint.

The BMW iX SUV is every bit compelling with its exceptional performance, driving range, charging times, and craftsmanship.

Indeed, not every gearhead will like its exterior styling, but no one will be able to dispute the BMW iX's build quality and performance.

For 2023, BMW introduced a very special trim to spice up the otherwise "boring" 2022 base iX model.

Jokes aside, hardly anyone would call the BMW iX xDrive50 an underpowered standard trim considering the 516 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque power output.

Still, we can't say we're ready to argue with the new BMW iX M60 that delivers 610 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque. It's an introduction worthy of the M badge.

All this considered, it comes down to the fact that we appreciate the all-electric powertrain that BMW developed and put into both of its iX SUVs.

After all, the two electric motors ensure a stable and admirable power output.

Surely, an all-wheel drive, advanced suspension, a massive battery pack, and many other performance-oriented features

are there to help the BMW iX SUV perform exceptionally on the road, but the engine is at the core.