Toyota unveiled a prototype electric SUV that, together with their planned completely electric bZ5X SUV

Toyota is developing a new line of electric vehicles that will compete with hybrids for a while.

The flagship Toyota bZ model will be placed on par with the Highlander.

 As Toyota's replacement for the Highlander's third row of seats, the future bZ5X will likewise

Toyota is now referring to it as their "Large SUV" idea.

Without ignoring emerging technologies that will enable it to lead the market with sustainable solutions, 

Toyota will transition to a totally electric brand in a few years. 

The sleek and futuristic-sounding "Beyond Zero" project, which will create 100% electric cars suitable for the general public,

Japanese to manufacture the many models that will make up the future lineup of the Toyota bZ.

The Toyota bZ5X is an electric SUV that will be released in the near future and will be larger than the current bZ4X. 

The Toyota Highlander crossover's electric counterpart, the bZ5X, replaces the third row of seats in the gas-powered vehicle.

Toyota also withheld information on the drivetrain, however solid-state batteries rather than the more typical lithium-ion